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(4.45 / 5)
(4 / 5)

David Moats

购买了账号级别29并加入了团队购买团队黄队(Instinct) Pokémon Go账号 黄队(Instinct)

“Made it super easy to find a cheap affordable pre started account to have as a second account to help with raids! So stoked to continue to level up this account.”

(5 / 5)

Torbjörn Lindstrand

购买了账号级别25并加入了团队购买团队红队 (Valor) Pokémon Go账号 红队 (Valor)

“5 stars”

(4 / 5)

Adam Alopoufis

购买了账号级别21并加入了团队购买团队蓝队(Mystic) Pokémon Go账号 蓝队(Mystic)


(4 / 5)


购买了账号级别33并加入了团队购买团队黄队(Instinct) Pokémon Go账号 黄队(Instinct)

“Its a very very good site to buy accounts”

(4 / 5)

Adrian Fernández

购买了账号级别26并加入了团队购买团队蓝队(Mystic) Pokémon Go账号 蓝队(Mystic)

“Muy bien el servicio”

(5 / 5)

Evan Botelho

购买了账号级别28并加入了团队购买团队红队 (Valor) Pokémon Go账号 红队 (Valor)

“fast thank you”

(5 / 5)

zach jackson

“it was great”

(4 / 5)

Joao Lemos

“Thanks now i have a Cool account”

(5 / 5)

George McGirr

“Reliable and Justin is very helpful”

(4 / 5)

Tiago Pereira

“Bought an account and it was working. Had some problems changing the email, but it seemed to be a problem with the system. Contacted suporte and got help after 1 hour of waiting and the link after 3h (i assume the link was ptc fault). So for now it's a 4 out of 5. But will buy again if it comes to it.”



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