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(5 / 5)

Evaristo Vidal

Bought Account Level 41 on 17 Feb 2024 and joined team Buy team Mystic Pokémon Go Accounts Mystic

“Thank you”

(4 / 5)

Judy Tester

Bought Account Level 40 on 16 Feb 2024 and joined team Buy team Neutral Pokémon Go Accounts Neutral

“This site won't entrap you with a kyc form after you pay up, process is straightforward but can't comment on whether the account won't get banned/something else after a while in use (like with any other site selling accounts).”

(5 / 5)

Abdel Kader

Bought Account Level 30 on 25 Dec 2023 and joined team Buy team Instinct Pokémon Go Accounts Instinct

“reçu très rapidement et fonctionne très bien”

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