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Level 46

Stardust 10,123,697 Stardust

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Account Overview

Botted Yes
Change Email Yes
Pokécoins 25
Experience 83.545.585
Stardust 10.123.697
Start Date 2022-04-11
Level 46
Team Buy team Instinct Pokémon Go Accounts Instinct
Change Nickname Yes
Items Bag 689 / 800
Pokémons Bag 492 / 600
Login Method PTC

Pokémons Overview

✨ Shiny Pokémons 140
Pokémons with 2k+ CP 155
Pokémons with 3k+ CP 16
Pokémons with 90% IV 33
Pokémons with 100% IV 152
Pokémons Seen ( Pokédex ) 592
Pokémons Caught 503
Legendary Pokémons 131
Mythical Pokémons 9
Ultrabeast Pokémons 5
Shadow Pokémons 37

👉 Info: These stats are automatically generated. Sometimes they can contain errors or may not be accurate

Pokémons List

Pokémons List

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Name Shiny Candy CP IV Move 1 Move 2 Caught
Items List

Items List

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Name Amount

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