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6 Useful Tips and Tools for Pokémon Go Success!

6 Useful Tips and Tools for Pokémon Go Success!

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Today we will inform you and try to explain some useful tips and tricks to maximise your Po'Go experience!
Please make sure you don't miss ANY of them, we might update this article from time to time so please make sure to bookmark it!

1 - A IV-Checker app

You might ask, what is IV? IV stands for individual value. This is consists of 3 categories that will together form the average total IV value of your caught Pokémon. We will now broadly explain the system and what it uses are. You have 3 IV values per Pokémon, 'Attack', 'Defense', And 'Health'. Each category gets its rating from 1 to 15 when you encounter the Pokémon in the wild.

To reach 100% Max iv each statistic has to be 15 out of 15 and that's a very rare encounter, so be sure to check before you trade them for candy with professor Oak. The lower each value is the less powerful your monster will be, for example, a 100% IV also called a 'hundo' in the Pokémon Go community. In the community, we have multiple special terms for special things inside the game. These apps can be free to download on the AppStore or play store depending on your phone, tablet or iPad's OS. 

2 - A nest migration website.

Some people have things called 'nests' in their area, these are locations where a specific race of Pokémon have a high spawn rate. Not every Pokémon species can have 'nests' a select few rare ones do, like Dratini, Eevee, and a few other starters.

To come back on the previous #1 subject, Pokémon found in a nest are way more likely to have a very low IV rating the average is said to be roughly around the 30% out of the 100% maximum that you can achieve but this does mean that when you encounter a nest of Pokémon in your area you're more likely to get a shiny variant of the nesting subjects. The IV randomization does not change depending on the shiny or non-shiny variants, so you'll still find a rough 30% IV shiny is a nest or higher if you are blessed by Oh-Ho! These nests migrate each couple of months for another complete random spawn, these are not chosen by Niantic but randomly generated.

You can look at 'The Silph Road' for current nest migration routines and locational information including what nests are where in your area.

3 - What are Pokémon Biome's

Just like in real life you have biomes in nature. In cold areas, there will be exclusive Pokémon that represent Ice-Water types. Deserts or dry areas have more fire Pokémon and forested or green areas including parks will most likely have boosted Grass Pokémon spawns. But there's even more! Some times during rain or extreme weather conditions based on the type of your Pokémon it will have a boosted CP and IV rating and therefore be more attractive for your time to catch them! These biomes do rarely get changed when Niantic releases a map update (see their twitter.).

4 - What are Pokémon Spawns

Pokémon spawns are the exact positions a Pokémon will spawn, this will never change however the monster who will spawn does change, the same good with Poké-stops. You can find Poké-stops with shaking and inked and extremely twitching blue square above them. That indicates that it is captured by Team Rocket and will contain a shadow Pokémon for you to catch, and more loot for you to gather. You can only battle a Rocket stop once per 5-10 minutes until the stop resets itself, the message that the Rocket member will display will indicate what type of team they have but does not show what shadow variant they will let you catch after defeating them.

5 - Useful Items, Pokémon spawns and Stardust boosters.

There are certain item's in the game that are very useful in the daily gameplay of Mon'Go. I will list them and explain what they do, and how you get them! You have a thing called Incense, this will make more Pokémon spawn around you and is very useful if you're taking a long stroll in the park or walking to your job or waiting in the waiting room of your hospital or dentist! This incense will last for 30 minutes and you generally receive them as a level-up reward.

Not every level up will award you with an incense you can also buy it in the in-game shop with Poké Coins. Another useful item that Niantic has put into Pokémon Go, is called a Lure Module. This item has 4 different variants and they all have different uses. We will start with the most common one, the regular Lure Module. You can place this Module on a Poké-Stop to make more Pokémon attracted to your location, one benefit a Lure Module has is that all trainers in your area can benefit off your Module which would allow you and your friends to share Modules when you go out together.

The Module is basically an Incense but is only a boost for YOU and not for others and the Module has to be used on a Poké-stop. You can gain the regular Lure Module from leveling up or buying it in the shop with Poké Coins. The other variants of the Module consist of the Glacier Module, Mossy Module, and a Magnetic Module. The Glacier Module will make Water and Ice-type Pokémon spawn around the Poké-stop that you used it on. The Mossy Module will spawn Grass and Ground-type Pokémon.
Last but definitely not the worst, The Magnetic Module will make Steel Type and Electric Type Pokémon spawn around the area that the Module is applied. The last item we will talk about is a Star Piece. While you've been catching in the wild you'll definitely have noticed an item called Stardust to get added each time you catch a spawn. You can use this to level up or evolve them but it is also used as a currency for when you're trading with other people in your area!

The Star piece is also awarded as a level up item or gotten out of Event crates that you can buy in the in-game store with Poké Coins. It will double the stardust you receive when catching or when doing raids, this effect will last for 30 minutes just as all the other items stated above!

6 - Community day, Raid events, Safari zone and paid events!

 Every month Niantic will host a Community day event, This means that they choose 1 Pokémon that will get insane boosted spawns and shiny rates for a single day in that month, This means that you can simply 'farm' these until you catch the designated 'Mon of that month's Community day event. IV's and CP's are not boosted and are generally way lower than the usual spawns you find on a regular basis when you go outside and play 'Mon Go. This, of course, shouldn't scare you because so many of them will spawn that the low IV's really shouldn't matter.

We advise you to use an Incense and a Star piece to gain maximum loot and 'Mons during these events. Most of the times the week that the Community day will be released will also contain a stardust boost and half the meters you have to make before an egg will hatch, basically making walking outside even more fun hatching all kinds of eggs, the 10km eggs will only be 5km for example.

Also, there are weekly events called 'Raid events' in that week Niantic will release a Legendary Pokémon with a rare move set only obtainable with an EX-RAID PASS. You can obtain these passes by being extremely active by raiding all kinds and tiers of Pokémon in the EX labeled gyms, This will most likely be more famous landmarks instead of just a store. You can see if a gym is an EX RAID by looking in the top corner when clicking on the gym. The type of team that controls the gym will not change its EX status. When you reach level 40 in Mon'Go you can apply landmarks to become gyms or Poké-stops. You will submit a request and will have to fill in a few boxes with details and then Niantic will review if it is a valid request, if you abuse this feature they could block you from using it.

We hope you enjoyed and keep watching for more articles!

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