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The 10 Pokémon you should have in Pokémon GO!

The 10 Pokémon you should have in Pokémon GO!

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You'll often find yourself questioning while you're browsing your account about what Pokémon might be the best to use your Stardust and Rare Candy on, We used to struggle with this as well. When we checked our accounts we often had we were stuck on the question about what Pokémon would be the most useful in the more advanced part of your gameplay VS what Pokémon looks the coolest and we often see people having the same thoughts and we would like to help you sort it out because we find it incredibly important that the community does know how to further improve their account to be the strongest there ever will be! For the time being, we will make a current top 10 list including all the best Pokémon to have in your team because being the best in Pokémon Go is everyone's goals!


When this beauty of a Pokémon was released in Generation 2 we all knew it was lacking in Combat Power, It wasn't high enough to be classified as the best Pokémon. Now that we are a few Generations further Combat Power doesn't matter that much because we can all see Blissey is one hell of a cute tank. Whenever you take over a gym and don't know what Pokémon to place inside the gym before it gets contended again Blissey would be the best choice! Because as you can see, her Health Points can be up to roughly 400. We all know that you can't put 2 the Pokémon of the same race in a gym. That's why you can always pair up a Blissey with a Chansey and be sure that the attackers will have a rough time trying to take them down while you can feed them Golden Razberries to keep their Health Points at max! So the duo of Blissey and Chansey is recommended!

To Evolve a Chansey into Blissey will set you back 50 candy and the best move-sets are Pound or Zen Headbutt + Dazzling gleam to give attackers a nightmare battle.


We all know this beast of a tank named Snorlax introduced into the older Pokémon games and Anime episodes as the sleeping Pokémon! In the Go version of the games he is very comparable in regards with Chansey and Blissey also called the pink duo but does not quite reach the Health points that a Blissey has which can be over 400 while Snorlax shouldn't go over 300 at max and of course just with the new update you can hatch a Munchlax out of Eggs and you can easily farm a good IV Snorlax to place in your gyms together with the pink walls!

To Evolve a Munchlax into Snorlax will set you back 50 candy and the best move-sets are Zen Headbutt + Body Slam or Heavy Slam to tank out your gyms defense!


From the start of Pokémon Go, we could all witness the power of this boss in every gym as it was one of the rarest and strongest Pokémon in the game, Now there are so many more options and that's why we created this guide! You can use Dragonite in every raid battle. It might not be the most effective type but it surely will hammer through the HP of the Gym/Raid contestants and won't leave you out in the cold! We do not suggest getting a team of only Dragonites but if those are your high CP Pokémon then we wouldn't blame you for only using them! But we do both share the opinion that diversity in your team and your Pokémon Types is a good investment even if it takes a while to achieve a team of variety Types!

To Evolve a Dratini to a Dragonair will set you back 25 candy and evolving a Dragonair to a Dragonite will cost you a hefty 100 candy! The best move-sets are Dragon Tail + Outrage.


I would be lying if I said that we all didn't have a slight crush on Gardevoir when we played the Gameboy games. But in Pokémon Go, she wasn't balanced or buffed enough to be worth farming and using so now that they buffed her a while ago she is more useable and can compete with Alakazam and The Eeveelution called Espeon. As an attacker she is now double as resistant to Fighting Types then she used to be! But that isn't all she also hits TWICE as hard as she did before she got her balance buff! As expected she doesn't quite reach the DPS that Rayquaza has, other then that she is now a polished attacker and as a defender for in your gym she will now also be two times as tanky to Fighting Types and Dragon Types and is now a good and viable option to use in attacking and defending your precious gym! We might even find a Mega-evolution of her in the future if Pokémon Go will ever implement the MEGA evolutions but we all hope that they do because it would open up so many more METAS into the game.

To Evolve a Ralts to a Kirlia will set you back 25 candy and evolving a Kirla to a Gardevoir will cost you a big sum 100 candy! The best move-sets are Charm + Synchronoise


This is one of the best transformations in the game, from a sloppy red carper to a huge water dragon! This Pokémon is inspired by Japanese lore about how if a carper jumps upstream over the waterfall it will transform into this majestic beast of a water giant! The best thing about Gyrados is it's Hydro Pump because you basically cannot dodge it because the game does not announce that Gyrados has used the Hydro pump attack, meaning that it is one of the best defending Pokémon because in a few seconds your attacker could be wiped out by it's powerful charged attack! Hydro Pump is also the highest DPS attack for a Gyrados, so we always recommend you take it when you can! Some even say it's one of the best Water/Dragon-Type Pokémon out there.

To Evolve a Magikarp to a Gyrados will set you back 400 candy and a 100km walk with your Magikarp as a buddy! These are the best move-sets, Dragon Tail + Hydro Pump / Anything


This fantastic and sick looking horned Rock Type is probably one of the best you can find in begin and early gameplay that can help you out a lot especially grinding and defending gyms with your friends! Its Ground and Rock-Type makes it strong against Electric Types but lacks a fair bit against Water types. A lot of people debate on the best move-set for this beast and we have concluded that Mud Slap and Earthquake are a great duo because of their synergy having two of the same type attacks. You could combine Mud Slap with Stone Edge because Stone Edge is a quicker charged attack in comparison to Earthquake but then doesn't have the synergy, Stone Edge is especially strong against common Pokémon and therefore is like mentioned earlier a great starter to get at the beginning of your gameplay and adventure! If you can't seem to get Mud-Slap then Rock Smash will not do much worse but try and aim for the move-set we have listed for you! Rhydon is a good example of how an update including Groundon has just taken its crown of the Ground Type Dynasty in a matter of a few hours! Due to its lack of access to Rock Type fast attacks he has simply lost the crown to a few other great Pokémon.

To Evolve a Rhyhorn into Rhydon will set you back 25 candy and the best move-sets are Mud-Slap + Stone Edge/ Earthquake, And give the defenders a one-way ticket to loser city!


This powerhouse of a Fighting-Type is one if not the strongest Fighting-type currently inside the game, with a maximum CP of 3056 it isn't very low nor very high it's just right for what you need because CP does not dictate the strength and combinations possible with its move-sets. Back at the beginning of the game Machamp was abused by the terrible stat conversion and was as useless as a broken toothpick with useless and weak Fighting-Type moves. If Gen 5 releases and there is no buff or changes done to Machamp he might lose its champion status and will lose it to Conkelduur who already has better stats but will also get a stronger move-set combination containing Counter/Dynamic-Punch. Found inside the game's files Dataminers have found the move Sacred-Sword and that could mean that the legendary Pokémon Terrakion may also take the current crown off Machamps buff body. Even if it gets knocked off its throne it will remain one of the strongest and best choices for your Fighting-type Pokémon having a strong and quick combo able to beat up gym defenders in a heartbeat.

To Evolve a Machop to a Machoke will cost 25 candy and evolving a Machoke into a Machamp will cost you a big price of 100 candy! The best move-sets are Counter + Dynamic Punch


This one has been the Meta for tier 5 legendary raids for a heck of a long time. Almost every legendary raid you join there are at least 2 people with a Tyranitar and that's basically because its one of the best counters for most of the Pokémon that can spawn inside tier 4 and 5 and my personal opinion is that it is kind of oversaturated in the world of raids but it isn't only strong in raids, its also a excellent gym attacker with its fast attack bite shredding through the defending Pokémon and its very close cousin the Crunch attack which just like what is makes it the meta for all top tier gameplay its the synergy of the double Dark-type move-sets and its pureness being only a Dark-type and nothing else like most other top tier contenders in the game. there isn't that much to say about this monster that you didn't know about yet because it is so famous it can just become a game mascot of a future title! The only downside to this crazy Pokémon is the limited spawns and the hard grind time getting its candy and a great IV. When suggest having it as your buddy as soon as you catch one even if its a bad IV and CP combination because the more kilometers you walk with it, the healthier you become and the more candy you have to evolve a Larvitar to its next stage called Pupitar which just looks like all other cacoon Pokémon in the game and really isn't that interesting until it becomes a Tyranitar which will definitely take a big chunk of your spare time if you don't have a gadget called a Gotcha ranger, A Gotcha ranger is a watch and power bank that can catch pokemon automatically without you doing anything while just having it connected to your phone and Pokémon Go with BlueTooth and having the second purpose as power bank so you can just have your phone rest in your backpack while you wander endlessly enjoying the nature around you or walking to your job while still getting Poke-stops and catching all the surrounding Pokémon in the area that you're walking through just by having a gadget connected with BlueTooth which is 100% safe and won't get you banned!

To Evolve a Larvitar to a Pupitar will cost 25 candy and evolving a Pupitar into a Tyranitar will cost you a jackpot of 100 candy! The best move-sets are Bite + Crunch


You can call a college of the sleepy Snorlax because both of them like to rest, one does in trees and the other one does in the middle of a walkway! with a maximum CP of 4431 and ranked number 9 with its attack statistic and ranked number 11 with its health statistic it can be called one of the best tanky defenders currently available! being a sloth surely doesn't make it a bad attacker and he can show that with his best move-set containing Yawn and Play Rough. Definitely will scare off attackers when placing Slaking, Snorlax. Blissey and Chansey in a single gym!

To Evolve a Slakoth to a Vigoroth will you cost 25 candy and evolving a Vigoroth into a Slaking will cost you a heavy sack of 100 candy! The best move-sets are Yawn + Play Rough.


Being fairly high ranked in all 3 of its statistics Metagross is a must-have for attacking gyms! Being a Psychic-Type is a struggle because being a good choice with those specifications is hard to get, we have Mewtwo who is obviously the best with its Psychic + Shadowball move-set wrecking and killing everything in its path we now have our floating piece of metal that is contending with the legendary for a place in your team! Being strong against Fighting-types and being called the 'Tyranitar and Dragonite' of the third generation of Pokémon is a wake-up call to sprout the idea in your brain to consider getting him for your offensive raid/gym team! Getting a strong exclusive move on a Community Day event made it as strong and famous inside the game as it is today, together with its silver and gold plated shiny variant it is used abroad in many gyms from location to location. Maybe one day we can pray that it gets another buff to put it behind Mewtwo and Rayquaza in terms to Pyshic-Type top 3 in the game, even beating Espeon or Gardevoir in its tracks.

To Evolve a Beldum to a Metang will you cost 25 candy and evolving a Metang into a Metagross will 100 candy out of your item bag! The best move-sets are Bullet Punch/Zenn Headbutt + Meteor Mash

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