How to reach level 50 fast in Pokémon GO

How to reach level 50 fast in Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO level cap has been increased from 40 to 50 after a massive GO Beyond update at the end of the last year. Trainers have since had the chance to advance past level 40, but not without serious challenges.

Even though the level cap increase went into effect in early December 2020, the first Trainers around the world have reached level 50 only recently. This is due to the numerous challenges that the players have to overcome to advance through the levels. While from level 1 to 40, XP points are enough to level up, starting from level 41, in addition to having enough XP, Trainers have to perform various challenges centered around the different aspects of the Pokémon GO gameplay. 

What is required to get to level 50?

If youre a seasoned player and have constantly enjoyed Pokémon GO since it came out in 2016, you might have accrued well over the XP required for level 40. While youre in luck, that doesnt automatically mean you will instantly get to level 50.

While excess XP helps, you need to show your best in virtually every aspect of the gameplay from catching Pokémon to raiding to playing in the GO Battle League. So, if you have ignored the GBL for a while and never got into PvP, the time is now.

The total XP requirement to reach level 50 is a whopping 176 million. To advance through only one level from 49 to 50, you will need 30 million XP. To compare, the total XP required to get to level 1 to 40 is 20 million. These numbers might be daunting for some, but through consistent gameplay, Trainers across the globe didnt have a problem fulfilling the XP requirements.

Task requirements to advance through levels 41-50

In addition to XP, the tasks that Trainers have to perform to level up vary level by level. It starts relatively easy, requiring you to power up a Legendary Pokémon 20 times, winning 30 raids, catching 200 Pokémon in a single day, and earning 5 gold medals. Read on to find out the requirements for each level.

The next requirement (level 42) is all about catching and evolving Pokémon. You will need to evolve Eevee into each of its unique evolutions, use items to evolve Pokémon 15 times, make 3 Excellent Throws, and use 200 berries to help catch Pokémon.

To get to level 43, you will need to test your gym battling and raiding skills. The requirements include earning 100,000 Stardust, using 200 supereffective Charged Attacks, catching 5 Legendary Pokémon, and earning 5 Platinum medals.

For level 44, you will have to assemble your best teams to fight it out in the PVP. To get to 44, you will have to: win 30 Trainer Battles in the Great League, win 30 Trainer Battles in the Ultra League, win 30 Trainer Battles in the Master League, and battle in the Battle League 20 times.

Level 45 is all about the Team GO Rocket. The tasks are: defeat 100 Team Rocket Grunts, purify 100 Shadow Pokémon, defeat a Team Rocket Leader 50 times, earn 10 Platinum Medals.

To reach level 46, you will need to do a lot of walking to hatch 30 eggs, complete 100 Field Research tasks, take a snapshot of a Pokémon 7 days in a row, and make 50 Excellent Throws.

Level 47 tasks put certain restrictions on which Pokémon you can use for battling. The tasks include: win 30 raids using a team of all unique Pokémon species, win a three-star raid using the only Pokémon with 1,500 CP or less, power up 3 Pokémon to their max CP, and earn 20 Platinum Medals.

To get to level 48, your buddy Pokémon will have to become the absolute center of your attention to develop your friendship. The tasks: receive 20 Souvenirs from your buddy, earn 300 hearts with your buddy, walk 200km with your buddy, walk 25km in a week 8 times.

Level 49 tasks focus on your relationship with other Trainers and will require you to make 10 trades with Pokémon caught at least 300km apart, obtain 50 Lucky Pokémon in trades, send 500 gifts to friends and earn 35 Platinum medals.

As for the level 50, in addition to the aforementioned mammoth XP amount, you will have to showcase your best abilities in all of the aspects of the gameplay. In the race to 50, on top of the 176 million XP, you will have to make 999 Excellent throws, catch a Legendary Pokémon in your next five Legendary Pokémon encounters, defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times using the only Pokémon with 2,500 CP or less and reach Rank 10 in the Go Battle League.

How to level up fast?

If you have been playing for a long time and have enough XP to get you through several levels, you can solely focus on performing the task requirements. Since Niantic has decided to challenge Trainers, you will have to be on top of your Pokémon GO game in every aspect of gameplay.

The tasks are of different difficulty and some might be easier than others for you. If youre still short of the XP, you can prepare by focusing on your favorite aspects of the game, while trying to get better at Excellent Throws, or trying out new teams in the GO Battle League.

Using the Lucky Egg to double your XP is always a smart idea, as well as taking advantage of various bonuses that come with different events in the game.

Getting to 50 is no easy feat and even the most seasoned players are bound to struggle with at least one of the requirements. However, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish your goal and join the elite few who have already managed to get to the top.

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